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March 12 - 13, 2021

NPC Sofia, Bulgaria

Bery Group Bulgaria organizes the International fair "Education beyond borders" in Sofia (EBBS) the capital of Bulgaria, in the National Palace of Culture. NPC is the largest multifunctional and congress complex in South Eastern Europe.
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Who visits international fair EBBS

Bulgarian market has changed in the last ten years because most of the students have enough information about the facilities offered by Bulgarian and foreign education providers. Bulgarian students look for information in advance, usually to take a decision to study in Bulgaria or abroad and is the decision of the family. That is why our visitors are mostly groups of students but also students with their parents.

EBBS visitors include Bulgarian students, their families and their friends who are involved in the decision-making process of where and what to study.

The EBBS fair enables its visitors to explore the many educational opportunities in Bulgaria and abroad. Our visitors are in all ages with a broad range of interests. Most of them are most motivated students from secondary education in the country and also students who look for Master degree, MBA programs and others. We have a target group of Bulgarian teachers and academic staff in Bulgarian universities who look for specific programs for their professional development.

Age Groups:

  • 15 - 20 years old: 45%
  • 21 - 25 years old: 32%
  • 26 - 45 years old: 17%
  • 46 years old and over 6%


  • Female: 58%
  • Male: 42%

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