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March 12 - 13, 2021

NPC Sofia, Bulgaria

Bery Group Bulgaria organizes the International fair "Education beyond borders" in Sofia (EBBS) the capital of Bulgaria, in the National Palace of Culture. NPC is the largest multifunctional and congress complex in South Eastern Europe.
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Who should participate?

Profile of the participants of the EBBS fair includes a big variety of countries. We are very happy that our fair has different participants from all around the world.

EBBS is your place if you represent:

  • Supra-national and government institutions
  • Public and private universities
  • Public and private colleges
  • Public and private high schools
  • Other secondary-level institutions – language, professional and others
  • Language Schools
  • Institutions responsible for the promotion of national education of different countries
  • Service providers in the education sector including travel insurances, online platforms and others – public and private;
  • Companies with career opportunities for young people

You should participate if:

  • it is important for your institution to have a rich blend of nationalities as part of your international student base
  • you want to meet your future students in person and discuss their education opportunities which are an important part of your student's recruitment methodology
  • you are interested in discovering a unique and motivated market
  • your institution is seeking brand-recognition in Bulgaria
  • your marketing strategy includes the seeking of ongoing visibility in the growing market of Bulgaria
  • you want to participate in an international and recognizable event and make important contact

Discover Bulgaria and meet your future students!

Becoming part of the fair "Education Beyond Borders" ensures that you will be introduced to the Bulgarian market. As the largest fair, the event attracts educational institutions from many countries. The EBBS fair is an important annual international event for the global education industry which attracts participants from all around the globe. This diverse representation and the quality of the participants are the main reasons that attract thousands of serious and motivated students to attend the educational fair.

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